Painted Gas Mask: Chervert by Catwoman69y2k

Painted Gas Mask: Chervert


27 August 2014 at 21:32:18 MDT

What a project this was! When we were first approached for a commission of this magnitude, my realism side was tempted to reply back and tell him it just wasnt possible with ears that large. It didnt seem like a KG1 could take the weight and bouyancy of those ears. Stego however wanted to give it a shot.

It took almost 3 months to produce this. Many sets of paper ears were constructed to make sure we got the ears mounted onto the head at the right angle. By then, I couldnt wait to paint this, especially with a different technique.

The paintjob came out well so now I can offer both paint styles. This technique does use brushes and involves a bit more (thanks to Rubberdawg for some of the tips regarding brushes), so its a matter of price and preference compared to the way that I have been painting stuff before.

To think, my Academy of Art University schooling came in handy and in the strangest (but kinkiest) way.

Molded Gasmask created by: stego-s-aurus

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