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The Dragon Knight by CatSamurai

The Dragon Knight


17 January 2013 at 09:31:20 MST

Ah... I love Final Fantasy IX! I dare say, it would probably be my favorite FF game, or at least tied with 7. Sadly it's also the last Final Fantasy that was actually any good =/ Everything since then has been disappointing to say the least.

Anyway, I freaking love Freya Crescent. Her story is just so sad and beautiful Q_Q And as far as personality goes, she's just absolutely wonderful! Chivalrous, compassionate, and (when it comes down to fighting) a total badass XD

So I decided to draw some fanart of her! I really am proud of this picture, mostly because I completed a large portion of it on my Ipad using the program, ProCreate! It's nothing compared to a wacom cintiq, but as far as a mobile sketchbook/paint program is concerned, it's very impressive!

Anyway, there will be a lot more FFIX and Freya fanart to come @_@ I've been replaying the game recently, and it's just hitting all the right nostalgia buttons for me XD

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    FREYA! <3

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      I'm a bit surprised that there isn't much fan art of her or other Burmecians on here =( Well I guess I'll do my best to change that =D

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        I know there's a ton on DeviantArt. XD

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          Yeah, I have seen some amazing Freya fanart there!

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    I know I've already said this, but this really is lovely Cid! The background is soooo good even if it isn't finished, it's done well enough to get the mood across, and I think that's what's important here. I really cannot express how much I love the stone carving and statues. Freya also looks great, her expression is so intense and her stance makes it clear she is determined to win this battle.

    Also, I like that she actually looks wet because it's raining? So many people seem to screw that up. Great work, <3

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      Yes, I did enjoy drawing the rat statues XD Ratues... StRATues...


      Anyway, yeah, looking at this thing for weeks on end just makes me see more flaws in it I guess... That being said, I am overall quite satisfied with the picture =3 I'm glad you noticed the wet appearance I was going for. The little rivulets of water and the misty splash effects on Freya and parts of the background were all done in an attempt to make the rain a tangible part of the picture, and I'm glad that those effects came out as well as they did =D

      Thank you very much for your compliments man <3 It means a lot!

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    The character, the game ... Just a really great moment of my life!

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      Same here! FF9 is one of my favorite RPGs of all time =D

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    I loved Freya. It was harder to make her work but she was still awesome! =D

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    Frey Frey, much love ;~;