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Cid-Flamingo by CatSamurai



1 May 2014 at 20:12:05 MDT

Just trying to draw something other than commissions right now XD I'm also glad that I finally got to upload something recent to Weasyl!

Been watching a lot of One Piece lately and I absolutely love the Donquixote Doflamingo character XD He's so incredibly creepy and insane. I just love how uncomfortable he makes me feel! He's probably one of the more intelligent and dangerous character's in the entire anime and he always has that creepy synx grin and an absolutely fabulous wardrobe. Talk about great character design! XD

So I just had to draw Cid in Doflamingo cosplay =P Despite creeping me out a little, I find that his personality would be a good match for Cid so drawing this just seemed fitting =D

I had a lot of fun with this and I might finish up another "Cid-Flamingo" pic down the road =3 For this pic I just used some character refs from the anime as well as a copy of the Doflamingo Jolly Roger that I pasted into the BG. Found that through a simple image search on google =3

Hope ya like it =D

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    It's fabulous!

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      Haha Indeed! Rocking them feathers all day, every day =D

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    Just needs a big throbbing vein to pop up on his forehead whenever he gets mad while keeping that same slasher smile.

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      Oh I'm sure that would happen XD Next time I draw Cid-Mingo I might do an angry close-up just for that!

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    I won't spoil, but if you like him now you won't be disappointed once they catch up to where the manga currently is. DoFlo is crazystrong. And strongcrazy.

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      I haven't read the manga much, but I'm pretty excited to finally see Flamingo get serious. Hoping to see some fighting in the nest episode this weekend! Hell, just his standoff with Aokiji was freaking tense, I can't wait to see how nuts he is when he actually starts fighting! I mean, I think he's probably the only warlord who might be equivalent to an admiral in strength... and even more powerful in the political realm considering his very "interesting" past.

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        Oh he's DAMN strong and extremely clever! Only guy he fears is a god damn emperor he works for!

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    Fufufufufu, Great job.

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    THis is great! but yeah I would never want to come in contact with this person ever. x.x
    Also One Piece rocks!