hexafusion - yellow magical girls by cats

hexafusion - yellow magical girls


9 May 2014 at 20:40:58 MDT

hexfusion of magical girls who have a yellow* color scheme
sailor venus from sailor moon, mew pudding from tokyo mew mew, and mami tomoe from madoka magica

some parts of them came out weird but i like the end result

official art in this image belongs to their creators! it is only in this image to show who i combined.

*i changed the title/description because yellow is more accurate

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    mami is more yellow than orange but it doesnt really lose any points because these fusions turned out cute as hell

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      that is true. i should title it yellow magical girls instead since that is more accurate

      thank you! i wanted to do one with green color scheme but madoka doesn't have one. i'll have to find another

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        you could always use precure instead. or do blue magical girls haha

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          im definitely gonna do the blue magical girls at some point, hexafusions are too fun. and as for precure i would like to watch it :o

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            there are so many disconnected precure series at this point you could really start anywhere you wanted and still be enjoy it its pretty great