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I am an artist, i love working in all kind of different forms of art. but my main thing is 2D digital, but also 3D/Sculpting and create computer games. I am always working on something. The art you will find here will be a mix of SFW and NSFW, it realy depends on my mood as i use this as a way to relax from the crazyness that is game development.

Other than that im a gamer, i play games on pretty much everything.



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    Game development?! Awesome!!! 83 Obviously you'd be one to game often. That's cool... I play a lot as well. PS3, mostly. :P That really is an exciting venture to travel forth into. I wish you the best in your creative endeavors! Your artwork is definitely a fine way to relax and unwind. ;) All very well-drawn and really absorbing. Mildly addicting, even. X)

    Consider yourself +WATCHED by this shep-coon, fine sir! ;)
    Keep it up, fellow artist. 030

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      Yeah, recently got done with my bachelor's degree in game design, now i been working together with a team of six making our first game we plan to sell. Well usally i when i play games i have to play trough them pretty fast, as im also analysing the games i play. i play mostly on PC, but also on Playstation 1-4, psp, psvita , nintendo 3ds and xbox 360. when im not playing or working on the game i like to keep myself and my team informed on all the latest news in the game industry and tech.

      Thank you, i lke drawing stylized characters. especially now as its a contrast to the realistic artstyle we are going for with the game.

      Thanks and will do!

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        There's way more responsibility involved than most people care to realize. :3 This is why its such a blessing in disguise to see someone who knows their way around the technical aspects of game design. You and your crew are working on a new title to be sold? THAT'S SO FAR OUT omg <3 I wish you and your team nothing but the best of luck! :D

        Gosh, now I'm really happy that I +watched you. ^=^

        Rock Hard, Live Harder, amigo!

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          True, my role in the team have alot of responsibility attatched to it. currently i do the game design, art direction, 3d modeling/sculpting, concepts, planning mettings and deadlines, co-writing the story for the game and stuff like that. when your a indie developer you wear alot of hats. yeah it definitely helps to know game design.

          Yeah thats the plan, but it will take a while before we get there. Thank you!