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CATastrophe Preview! Page #915 by CATastrophecomics

CATastrophe Preview! Page #915


5 May 2021 at 09:24:56 MDT

Not suspicious at all!

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    So you boys would have no worries about standing up right now? Tell Milo never to play poker.

    It always intrigues me the way that you draw hair as translucent to the outlines of features beneath like eye brows, I've not seen it done quite like that else where but it really works for conveying expressions.

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    Also excellent lighting from the window

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      Thank you very much! Our artists do their best and i'll be sure to pass your compliments on! I think it really helps have slightly more interesting hairstyles while not loosing the details :)

      Also yeaaah... poker definitely isn't Milo's game XD