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CATastrophe Preview! Page #772 by CATastrophecomics

CATastrophe Preview! Page #772


15 September 2020 at 10:26:53 MDT

It looks like Milo and Coal have space to talk! I hope Annie know what she's doing talking to Gaston!

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    So many reasons to favorite, the art - detail in the door curtain is beautiful as is the background in general, the picture between the lamps and Milo's posture are really nice, but also you have got me hooked with the story Annie's expression, she's one smart hare and this could be going anywhere. Then there's the long walk with Coal and Milo time for some serious talking...

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    Also wondering whose hand is it on the door?

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      Ah i think what you're seeing as a hand is Mrs. Sanders hair and neck! X3
      But thank you for all the kind comments!

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        Ah now I see it! How close are you getting to the end of the story? I think I remember an estimate of between 700 and 1000 pages, but I suspect this is one of those projects that grows in the making - real concern do you have a follow on project in mind?

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          it's probably about halfway through! It's certainly grown over time as production speeds have changed and our team has grown!