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Hi! I'm Casmer!

What do you need to know about me?

I like cereal.



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Weasyl Discussion!

on 8 October 2012 at 16:56:42 MDT

Hey guys! I'm seeing a huge boost in discussion concerning Weasyl. I'm not an admin or anything, but I do have a bit of input for what to do if you get an invite! Since the site is still in Beta, the site admins need your help looking out for specific bugs and issues they can fix! Comments and opinions such as "the site is too slow" aren't as helpful compared to taking a screenshot of a bug and reporting it in the forums.

All you really need to do as a user is browse around the site and update your profile as normal. The Weasyl site already looks 20 BILLION times more professional than Furaffinity, so I won't be surprised when all of its features are set to go. I'm loving the commission prices page in the settings already. Flawless feature for artists and so effortlessly integrated into your profile page.

Make a cool banner and matching avatar! Go for whatever look you want. The site is still new to experiment with. Make a nice artsy banner or a professional one that'll wow first-time visitors to the site! Personally, I just slapped whatever PSD file that was still in my folders on some color and called it a day. I'll update it later. XD

Also, go check out the forums! I haven't used forums in years, but writing your opinion doesn't take much work if you think about it. XD I'm not sure if this is on every internet forum out there, but apparently, if you see that someone has posted something similar to yourself/you like what they said, you can view their forum profile complete with an easy-to-view recent posts list. It's not stalking! It's how I found some cool threads to post in without having to search every discussion out there. Haha. The more you post in the forums for whatever reason, the more likely you are to report those bugs! So post!

And if you still want an invite, you'll have to wait until the admins unlock that feature for us still. Or you can donate to the site for one! I'm glad I did. Great way to support a startup site which has FINALLY DELIVERED a product you'd actually want to donate too. So awesome. And so I don't sound too gushy and overtly positive about this site, here's some negatives! GO F*CK YOURSELF. Every new site takes some getting used to. <3

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    bitch, i wish i had your hair and skin. besides it's all in your additude and trust me you're fine.

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