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Several Characters Page! by Cassiel

Several Characters Page!


15 September 2014 at 00:03:09 MDT

Just a collection of characters I'm uploqding her fore reference purposes. From the top left hand...

Ruby, a demolistions expert kobold. Short, intelligent, and craft, like most of her race. While one the job she's professional, but enjoys a quiet private life. Also enjoys larger lovers like Garcian.

Gideon Humphrey, Jacob's Hound. Vicious, sadistic, and a tad gluttonous. Enjoys whiskey, poker, and a good scrap. However he's not an idiot, an is dangerously pragamatic.

Unnamed but I've been calling him Mr. greene. A notorious crime lord, he's dragon who's spent years building up his hoard using underworld connections. Prefer letting others do his dirty work.

Bottom left to right...

Dr. Crispin Craft, professional mage, former professor of magic, expert of the Eldtrich and the unknown. Jacob's top mind usually. Polite and formal, if a tad smug. The Brains to Gideon's Brawn.

Garcian at a size Ruby likes.

Prince Caim Drachekrone. The greedy, fighty son of an Emperor, Caim likes having food in one hand, a beerstein in the other, and few serving wenches to cater to his every whim. Headstrong and willful. proud and fighty. A fairly typical dragon warrior.

Art by my good friend Samael!

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