Sock Thief by Teaselbone, colored by me by CashewLou

Sock Thief by Teaselbone, colored by me


22 January 2014 at 15:00:43 MST

King Dead commissioned me to color and shade this pic he got from Teaselbone. Looks like the huge superhero got a sock stolen from him by Shiro...I bet the big wolf hates laundry day.

The original line art for this image can be viewed by clicking HERE (Note: Link leads off-site, to FA).

Line Art © teaselbone
King Dead © kingdead
Shiro © fuzzypaws
Coloring © cashewlou


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    Heh~~ Fuzzy just wants to get smooshed by those large paws xD

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    One of my favs! You did crazy-awesome work on the colors and touching up things (pawpad colors, shading, etc).

    Could you send me a collection offer for this one please if you have the time?

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    That naughty nilla coon just wants to snuggle up in that big 'ol sock. hehe. :)

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    XD yea :3 silly and derpy X3

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    you'd think fuzzy would learn, but it seems not :)