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I have a Telegram channel called Furry SIZEmic Waves, where I post linked and sourced artwork that celebrates size of all kinds: macro/micro, muscle, fat, hyper, and so forth! No chat, no noise, no games, just artwork of the biggest kinds for all to enjoy! Click here to join!


I'm a macrophile wolf, which simply means I like all things big--big muscles, big bellies, anyone massive and titanic. I also prefer the gentler and sensual side of macrophilia, as opposed to the rampage and destruction side. I don't judge those who prefer the latter; it's just not my cup of tea. Anyway, I've been in the furry fandom since 1997, which I think makes me something well beyond a "greymuzzle."

I want to clarify from the outset that none of the artwork displayed here is mine; I'm not an artist (although I do color art from time to time), and more than likely never will be. I've been very lucky over the years in that I've been able to collect artwork from the best artists in the furry fandom, and it's my intention to celebrate and support them here by showing off the artwork they've done for me. Whenever possible, I'll post a link to the artwork on the artist's page, as well; if you +fav an image on my gallery, please do so on theirs, as well--they did all the work!

On a similar note, my favorites gallery here is also a showcase for even more artwork I really like, and I add to my favorites often. By the way, I'll give thank-you shouts for all watches unless the info on your page states clearly that you don't prefer it. I don't give shouts for individual favorites; I really do appreciate them, though! (Though I'm humble enough to know the real credit goes to the artists.)

One more clarifying point: Cashew Lou the character was born and raised in the Yukon Territory in northwest Canada...however, his player was born and raised in the upper midwest of the United States. This has caused some confusion and more than a little irritation in the past. Both character and player love Canada, and this is meant as a tribute.

My banner was drawn by cooner cooner, and my avatar was drawn by wolfiecanem


Check out other places I lurk on the web by clicking my LinkTree account.



Latest Journal

Lou's dumbass coloring drama

I've deleted my "quitting coloring" drama journals from the weekend. In summation:

  • I got caught in the crosshairs of a VERY angry artist
  • I let the fallout from that almost ruin my rapport with a very nice artist
  • When I posted a new colored pic today, several people made some incorrect assumptions

I should know better than to air out dirty laundry publicly, especially if it results in negative assumptions falling in the laps of good people. Just know this: I won't post any collaborative work with any artists or commissioners unless I have a good relationship with them.

I do want to thank everyone who reached out with support, advice and good vibes. You are all FAR too kind.

I have one more coloring project in my queue, and we'll see how things go after that.

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    Thanks for the shout out!

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    Hey there Lou buddy! How's it goin'?

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    Hey, I recognize you! Thanks for watching! :D

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    Thanks a ton for following me :-)

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    Thx 4 da favs Cashew!

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    Thank you for faving and following me here! :-)

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    thanks for the friendship^^ *your gallery is amazing^^ i love Repeat experimentation the most