Andric and Midna by CartelSaide

Andric and Midna


19 May 2015 at 00:38:20 MDT

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SUPPLIES USED: Mechanical Pencil, Crayola Markers, and Staedtler Marker Pens

I made this piece as part of a trade for a rare familiar on Flight Rising, with joy1joy1 of a couple of her dragons c: I'm rather proud of the result actually lolz You can see the dragons to compare here: Andric (left) and Midna (right) The colors Joy chose for the color splash are Aqua, Teal, and Black.

I didn't really have any idea what I was gonna do with them until I started drawing, and usually I have at least a vague idea of what I want before I put the pencil to paper. This time I didn't even have so much as a pose down - I just drew. As I drew I began to form a pose, which came to mind mostly after reading the descriptions for the two dragons. Andric is timid, but he's warmed up to Midna quite a bit, and Midna isn't comfortable around most guys and despite Andric being the exception, she's a real sassy and independent woman~ They formed this relationship over the course of their warrior partnership, and only continue to get closer c:

As I was just throwing the pose together in the very beginning before I really started to draw much, I had figured Andric was going to have his hands pocketed, but then I started to draw Midna and form a basic theme for the two of them I struggled against my laziness and went "I could just title the piece Loincloth Pockets and call it a day" but I went with my better judgement and threw a spear in there to really throw in the point that they're warriors lolz I had so much trouble with his hand, though, so I'd say it's probably the worst part of the piece lolz

So as I started to draw Midna (cuz being right-handed and drawing the rightmost person first is SO smart >.>) and as I started to put the details together I formed this image of an Amazon Warrior, which really went well with her apparel and gave me an idea as to how to simplify her rather complex skin without erasing it entirely. Andric sorta followed suit, just being drawn in an ourfit that matched but didn't distract from hers since his detail is in his ripple gene and his lovely dreadlocks (first time drawing those :D I'm pretty happy with the results ^w^).

I hope joy1joy1 likes it :D

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