IA 35/100 - Cute Demons by CartelSaide (critique requested)

IA 35/100 - Cute Demons (critique requested)


9 June 2015 at 12:41:54 MDT

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The characters featured here are Seraphim (bottom) of whom is my character, and his twin sister Akitla (above). They're characters in an RP by myself and my bff Kay Kay called Goofy Hell. They're Satan's kiddos, and they're a helluva lot cuter than you'd think based on that information, but usually they aren't quite this cute lolz I still wanted to draw them having one of their very few moments cuz they're just adorable and I love them so much ♥

I did this more as a vent piece than anything else. I've had a lot going on in my life lately, and my art has suffered severely the past 2 years because of it. I feel bad that I can't update as often, and when I went to my bff Helix's place, I finished this up because I just wanted to finally finish something I was at least partly proud of. There are bits and pieces where it shows that I wasn't trying too hard, especially the shading, but overall I'm proud of this piece if for no other reason but the fact that I completed something that wasn't excruciatingly lazy.

My main artistic hurdle is the place I'm living. I've been sleeping on a couch for 3 years because I don't have a bedroom, 90% of the things I own are in storage, and things like privacy are at an all time low for me. It's more of a fault of circumstance than of any particular person, but I am reaching a point where it doesn't matter the reason why anymore, I just have to get out of this. Today is the day that decides if we move within the next week or if it's gonna be roughly a month's wait before we move, but whatever happens I will certainly be moving out soon. When I move out, I will be DEFINITELY be working on more artwork, that's for certain. I've missed my sketchbooks c:

I purposely gave them massive eyes. I am confident in my facial anatomy skills, so I decided that with them I'd work on some stylistic stuff a little. Idk if I like it, but I'm gonna experiment some more after I have the rest of the body's anatomy down stronger. I also did a very lazy shading job, so if you're gonna critique me on the rest of the piece go ahead but on those things I understand they're not 100% right.

SUPPLIES USED: Mechanical pencil

Don't be mean, and offer proper critique. If you offer critique, offer information about what's wrong and how to fix it. Don't be afraid to tell me what's right either - knowing what's correct helps me continue to do that!