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Major Updates Around the Corner~

on 21 June 2018 at 12:58:00 MDT

This post is a repost of an update post made on my patreon. You can find the original post here.

Hello Star Creatures, I hope ya'll are well! Happy Litha {Summer Solstice} to any of ya'll that celebrate it c:
I just have a few updates to share about my near future plans artistically. I'll definitely touch base again about this stuff in the near future as details get smoothed out and I have more information about each topic specifically!


I am still on the hunt for a job, but it's looking very promising for me lately, and I'm confident, and hopeful, that one way or another I will land a good day job by the end of the month fingers crossed

Once I have a steady, reliable income I will jump into fursuit creation full force, alongside working harder to make more yarn tails, do more traditional art, dabble in a couple other art types (polymer clay, jewelry, and Pagan projects specifically), and developing a reliable schedule for making posts online. I'm considering starting YouTube as well, but I'm on the fence about it; it depends on how overwhelmed I am with everything else and if I can swing it.

The primary issue I face lately is that I am in need of tools or supplies, as well as money to pay for advertising once I have things worth advertising, like my etsy stock and when I'm open for commissions/customs. Having an income and rebuilding a savings after this rough patch will certainly remedy a lot of problems I have, and make posts more frequent, as well as my creations.


I've decided that for now almost everything I post to my Patreon is going to be public, and that I'm going to use Patreon as an overall blog to exclusively post major updates and information on. This is pretty much what I've been using it for anyway, and find that it works as a very solid platform for this.

What this means is that despite prior claims, all WIP work I've accomplished on fursuits is going to be 100% public. I don't have patrons that this necessarily effects, so I don't feel like changing my mind is problematic, and until I develop more of a following, I don't want to limit what work I share publicly vs. with patrons just yet. Before I delve too deep into advertising and marketing, I will also be reviewing my Patreon goals and rewards, so you can expect some changes to occur there as well.

I have additionally created a Weebly site that acts currently as a placeholder for my fursuit business in the making. It barely has anything on it right now, but you can still give it a peek if you want by going to...

I felt that my work as a fursuit maker deserved it's own place for the sake of organization, and that free-to-use weebly URLs are much easier to remember than free-to-use wix URLs. As I build up my fursuit business, this will eventually be the primary page to keep up with strictly fursuit-related work by me.

I really want to move my art in a direction that has a fairly strong focus on fursuits, and otherwise build up a really solid gallery of all the other types of work I do so that when marketing myself as open for commissions, people know what kind of work to expect. It's a pretty important, foundational, and obvious need haha


Speaking of websites, my main website is going to get a little bit of love! I will be going over the site and working very hard to summarize and shorten everything as much as reasonably possible, making the site a lot less convoluted, easier to navigate, and straightforward to get the answers to any questions you might have, such as whether or not I'm open for commissions and what type of commissions I'm accepting, how to commission/get a quote from me, and simplifying my ToS immensely.

Once I get a job and save a bit of funds for it, I will be re-purchasing my custom URL ( and maintaining my site, my galleries, and social media accounts so that I am fully prepared to advertise and market myself and my work.


I would like to set up a schedule that people can expect my posts and know when to be on the look out for my art. What I'm thinking currently is that I will probably post 2-3 times a week on specific days, and I will over time build up to posting daily, each day posting to a different social media/gallery outlet.

Before I do so I am going to organize my accounts by defining a purpose for each of them. There will certainly be an overlap in posts, particularly in my online art galleries (like FA and DA), but I will at least be able to definitively tell you why you should follow a particular account and what sort of posts to expect on it. It will simply come with more clarity for you as a follower, and more organization for me as a creator.

Expect an update on this schedule and the purposes/specialties of each account once I have a job and can create a stable schedule based on the kind of time I have outside of work.


To help maintain my work and give me things to post about, as well as to help me grow and learn as an artist, I have a few different ideas and goals that I would like to implement.

Firstly, I would like to do a Yarn Tail Iron Artist challenge, where I create 100 yarn tails to build stock for my etsy shop, get rid of some of this yarn I've had laying around waiting to be used, and to help me raise money that I can use to start shifting the focus from the creation of yarn tails more into the realm of fursuit making. I intend to start this Iron Artist challenge once I get the schedule worked out, particularly to assist me in keeping up with said schedule.

I am thinking that I may also apply similar Iron Artist or Iron Artist inspired goals to things like my fursuit creation, traditional art, and maybe other aspects of my creations as well. I haven't quite decided yet, but no matter what I do, expect a completely individual update about this once each goal begins!

Additionally, I have a lot of good ideas for fursuit projects I would like to take on, primarily to get a good grip on the best methods/techniques and supplies I should use to create fursuits with. Three major ideas I have are to create Pinata fursuits, fursuits based off of stuffed animals, and Animal Crossing style fursuits. I'm really really really excited to get started on these different projects, and to share the results of my efforts with all of you!

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Full Body
$ 15.00
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$ 10.00
$ 8.00

Color Options

add  Color Splash
$ 3.00
add  Detailed/Shaded Sketch
$ 2.00
add  Full Color
from $ 10.00
to $ 25.00
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$ 5.00
add  Half-Inked
$ 3.00
add  Half-Inked Color Splash
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Yarn Tail
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to $ 200.00
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from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00


Including an additional character will cost you 50% of the full price of the piece. The math you do to get the cost of an additional character is (base price + any additional color/inking price) / 2 = Price of additional character per character. Limit = 4 characters per piece. Inquire about costs for 5+ characters in a piece, which are priced differently on a case-by-case basis.

I will gladly ship you your piece/s, you just have to pay shipping and handling (S&H) costs (which vary). I suggest bundling up and getting multiple pieces and/or a crafted piece to save you money and me time


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