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COM: Snail'Tember Full-page 1! by carnival

COM: Snail'Tember Full-page 1!


Carni: Featuring Mistyfoe, IncredibleIntruder's belly dancing genie-dragon & Ry's own 'Shiraia Statuette'! n__n

really fun page this one!

Ry: Eeeeeeee gosh yes bringing back Jenora’s ingot style from back in Inanovember but gosh it is so good and I love it SO MUCH!!! Need more Inannovembers yesyesyesyesyesyes (‘3333333

But yes pulling back to the rest holy heck Inzphe looks so fancy, hekkin fancy Djinn Dragon, with such resplendent horns and jewels and transparent clothing aaaa gosh they look wonderful <3

And heck yeah for Sparky in the bottom left, such happy yeen face, tongue too happy to be contained X333

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Sparky © Mistyfoe
Iziphe © IncredibleIntruder
Shiraia © Meltoria

Artwork by Erika V, September 2022