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COM: BAT NIGHT Page 1! by carnival



Carni: Swatch of cuties and curiosities for the international Bat Night Stream (27th of Aug)

ESPECIALLY Adore PhantomShotgun's 'Sentient clothing Jackal character!! SO FUN and there's OH-SO much one could drawn/depict them (and others too!) in! 💕8333

Ry: Oooo heck yes they are so cool my goodness hekkin amazing living outfit and such a good design (‘333333

But not one to be left out Triggerbeast‘s Missy is looking so good in the bottom right there, got themselves a spooky Cutie Mark basically (‘3

And ooooo gosh Jenorafeuer‘s Avalanche in the top corner is giving that mountainous snowcone a run for its money X3

Carni: heheeee 'Tongue choker'! X333

Ry: Gosh yes, long tongues and tongue chokers are so good thank you Proteusiii <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Jaq © PhantomShotgun
Missy © Triggerbeast
Phoebe © Proteusiii
Avalanche © Jenorafeuer

Artwork by Erika V, August 2022