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COM: Milky Maid Bar and Cafe by carnival

COM: Milky Maid Bar and Cafe


[Alternate darker lit version can be found on Furaffinity]

Carni: FINALLY gotten around to finishing off this big 'ol group-piece for Mecha! (featuring also Mal, Duskplume, Gnoll, Koboltfenolfsky and Carni in there also!) ^_^

Ry: Eeeeee gosh everyone looks so lovely and fancy in their cowprint uniform, such good Milky Maid Bar employee’s (‘3333 (Especially Dauz, who is not yet fully used to the style and is all blushy X3)

And gosh Poppy is such a radiant fanciness at the bar there, what an outfit and such a lovely smile. Though who could blame her for being super happy with so many lovelies bouncing around all happy and bashful and hunky Swoons over manager ManCarni in the back there ohh my

But eeeee gosh the little horns on everyone is so cute, especially for Malorek who already has horns so it just highlights how cute they are, and cutie cowbells For hidden TF triggers later or is that just me XP

Aaaa and gosh Book Eater and Kobolt at the front are so smiley and cheeky looking this piece is great.

And cannot forget Mecha, the most welcoming and happy proprietor of this entire piece with such a wonderful expression gosh <3 <3 <3 <3

Carni: Thanks again everyone for your patience!

Had a lotta fun drawing up this scene!

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Mechafox © Mechafox
Malorek, Dauz © Malorek
Poppy © Duskplume
Book Eater © Gnoll
Kobolt © Koboltfenolfsky

Artwork by Erika V, June 2022