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COM: Citric Stings by carnival

COM: Citric Stings


Carni: Kraden maaay have bought a Lava-Lamp Recently

And omg Any excuse to draw up that aesthetic.. I'LL TAKE! X3

Ry: Heck yeah lava lamps are so great to look at I super like them, still gotta get a golden lava lamp one day since they look extra shiny. (Not sure if gold would be the best lamp but it looked so fancy)

Anyway Spice here being such a high energy colourful Yeen surely has the energy to keep all of their new lavalamp parts nice and warm and flowing, in fact it seems they are so high energy their lava lamp eye is spilling out into the world around them, forming an aura of lavalamp about their body (‘3

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Aquaticas © Aquaticas

Artwork by Erika V, August 2022