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COM: MerFurs Group Splash! by carnival

COM: MerFurs Group Splash!


Carni: A big'ol group pic for a buncha friends all enamoured by the recent Fish-Craze Mako Rivers has us all on! X3

Ry: Eeeeee heck yes we all look so super rad as our fishy selves, UntitledSpy and Mako being the masterminds and organizers of this whole thing are in the bottom right hugging as befits such effective teamwork and ambition ^.^
Above them we have Xandahar with their net, aiming to catch and sell us all with the benefits of their new Merbody, Jenora’s Sara in their underwater mechsuit that lets them join in with the rest of us.
Next to them is the ever lovely Poojawa, looking fantastic in their OctoPooj form and swimming with Malorek’s Dauz who as found themselves in a pretty Mermaid outfit to match their new fishy tail (‘3

Further to the right we have Kraden with their new Dori fish body swimming down to join me, Carni and Mechaman, with myself and Carnival pulling down on Mecha super fluffy and buoyant body to help them swim in their fishtail suit (‘3

All in all such a lovely piece and with such good people, eeeee you are all great and thanks for joining in, will gladly do another group piece with you all in the future (‘333

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Xandahar © Xandahar
Spy © UntitledSpy
Sara © JenoraFeuer
Mako © Makorivers
Poojawa © Poojawa
Dauz © Malorek
Mechafox © Mechaman
Kraden © Kraden
Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork & Carnival/Carniloach by Erika V, June 2022