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PERSONAL: Waterbottle Sona's and Hunky Carni ('3 by carnival

PERSONAL: Waterbottle Sona's and Hunky Carni ('3


Ry: Hihihihihihihiheeeeeeee this is so fantastic and adorable and cute and emotive and the best my gosh Carni is such an absolute wonder and treat you all should know!!!

Went and made Skyline into such a happy wobbly waterbottle, and in such wobbly fashion flomps all over their lovely self (Adore the little happy bappy tappies that I do when they start trying to lift) and such a good wide sloshy body it's so good.

Tailmaw adding so many extra emotions to the scenes and I've got suuuuch a cute happy face when Carni successfully manages to lift me up X33333333

And then we get a nice close up of their hunky self in all their four armed glory and just rrrrll so good <3 <3 <3 <3

But eeee this is so great. Definitely going to have more waterbottle Skyline in the future it's so great ('3333

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork & Carnival by Erika V, June 2022