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PERSONAL: Versatile Welcome Party by carnival

PERSONAL: Versatile Welcome Party


Ry: Ooooooo alright everyone here we have two very lovely Crystal Dragoness's designed by the also very lovely Carnival themself and gosh is there a lot to them. So many shiny crystal shards, floating aspects, gilded golden lines, glowing green horns and solid vs squishy textures to these ones.

The blue one in looking closer I am adoring their design and especially their upper arms, they would work perfectly as a gauntlet/equipment a charcater can wear, placing on the glove to crystalify the wearer into this wonderful magical floating shard state and I totally want to keep that for later ('3333

These two may come online for adoption later depending on how Carni feels about keeping them for their own ^.=.^

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Drawn up in CSP

Artwork & Crystal Dragoness's by Erika V, June 2022