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COM: Shifting Perspective by carnival

COM: Shifting Perspective


[Swirling magic version can be found on Furaffinity]

Carni: RickyKings 'Luna' character getting an updated look!

Now a King (Queen?) Cheetah, with some shape shifting abilities thrown in!

Her mastery over the shifting is really quite impressive to say the least! ✨

Ry: Holy wow this look incredible. I adore how you've drawn the magical swirls and glow of Luna's crystals. And what incredible shape shifting powers to be able to make and reform your body into a crystaline structure in who knows how many different ways and back again. I for one an fascinated to find out ^.=.^

Also while I do miss the blue flames of Luna's old design they do look very lovely in their new Royal Cheetah form and have quite the powerful presence ('33

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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Luna © RickyKing

Artwork by Erika V, Apr 2022


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    This looks amazing! the crystals are so incredible!