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COM: Fun Friends Time! by carnival

COM: Fun Friends Time!


Carni: Gads~! Everyone's character designs are SO DANG cool this Feb! ❤️

For Hotspinnerspins, UntitledSpy, Thetrevmans and Sudaksis!

+one personal page-filler-i-doo!

Ry: OOooo heck yes for Spy and Hotspinners latte and sona's, they are so pretty and flowy ^.^

PANGOLINS yesssssssss, thank you Mewfanatic for getting Trev's pangolin character, they are such a great species ^.^

Sudaksis getting their cockrel for reaching Carni's special number ('3

And woah, Lyddia of Carnival's getting fully moldten gold filled, guess this is what they have been doing in storage XP


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Latte Piglin © Hotspinnerspins
Bunny Chai Latte © UntitledSpy
Guillermo Picron © Sudaksis
Pheonix © Thetrevmans

Artwork, Lyddia by Erika V. February 2022