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COM: Dragon Appreciation Day Part 3 by carnival

COM: Dragon Appreciation Day Part 3


Ry: Alright many characters on this page and we are starting with the bottom right and moving right to left bottom to top, full backwards yaaaaay XP

In the bottom right we have Kyri the Alligator from ZebraCode, who has been promply pinata-fied with a splash of dragon in there too for the day. The pinatafication is always welcome as a lovely treat in design and concept ^.^

Moving next to the bottom left we have Poppy the Capybara from Aububs which I think is one of the first Capybara's we've gotten to see here and they have holographic coloured fur, that's amazing!!!

Up to the top right we have Triggerbeast coming back with their Trigger'Orca now with the additional influence of Dragons for the day and it looks really cool. Dragon'orca combinations are a really solid baseline combo ^.=.^

And in the top left we have Icymawpur's Dra Jean, the first time this Dark Dragon has been drawn and I have to say I'm impressed. They look fantastic and I hope they like their rendition ^-^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Kyri the Alligator Dragon © ZebraCode
Poppy the Capybara © Aububs
Trigger © Triggerbeast
Dra Jean © Icymawpur

Artwork by Erika V. January 2022