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COM: Tall Boys Long Tails by carnival

COM: Tall Boys Long Tails


Ry: Goodness the tail design on Viscerabot's IcecreamNoodle and Carnival's fusion are so fancy. All the striping and green brown highlights which really show off the underlying pink and white of their tail's underside is really visually interesting o.o

Also neat pose being horizontally held upside down resting upon their tail. With three eyes I wonder if it's odd looking upside down? ponders

And then we have the old Fruit Anthro of Carnival's Watermelon impressing Mewfanatic's Shortcake with his height. And I mean, he is very tall, and she is rather small. It would be like looking at a 12ft giant, so high O.O


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Shortcake © Mewfanatic
IcecreamNoodle © Viscerabot

Artwork, Carnival & Watermelon by Erika V. November 2021