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COM: Rainbow Splurge Personal Page by carnival

COM: Rainbow Splurge Personal Page


Carni: Something colouring this way slides!

Personal bit n pieces pagette drawn during the Start of Nov Break! X'3

Ry: Hihi, showing your artist tendancies, even on a break you draw since it's your favourite X33

Carni: — Few Objects>to>Character Designs!

Ry: Wooooo they both look fantastic and really show off what can arrise from simple Anthro transformation ^.^

Carni: — SCarnLine Fusion finding something hypnotic (limited colour-range practice: using the colours from an interesting 'User in Stream Chat' as palette!)

Ry: This looks SO GOOD, holy heck. That JUICY colouration is so good, and we finally have a merge of our characters thank you sooooo much!!!!

Ahhhh going to gush about this more in it's singular post but still, that collar, so shiny, the necklace, so pretty, our mixed eye colours and all the fun fruit stickers and ears yesyesyes ^.=.^

Carni: — & Batty Carni to fill some space!

Ry: Woah, she is much too lovely to just be counted as a space filler. So sparkly and pretty my gosh. Remind me to leave open house beams so that friendly Carnbat's can come stay ^,-,^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork, Bandolian, Gilded Croc, Carnival, Carnbat by Erika V, November 2021