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COM: Latex & Cospplay DressUpTober Page by carnival

COM: Latex & Cospplay DressUpTober Page


Carni: For TriggerBeast and Poojawa!

Hrrgrhgrjhrgjrhrjhnhhhh Getting to Draw Zeebs AND animu-girl aesthetics ('33333

(how did my life get SO DANG awesome??)

Ry: Oooooooo gosh heck yeah these look fantastic. That translucent latex suit on Triggerbeasts zeebra Random looks A-mazaing like holy gosh. Want to see that on other characters who have markings that are too neat to cover but you still want clothes ('333

Carni: Was going for that 'pearlescent/see-through' look on the Latex body-suit on the left¿?

And Pooj is dressed up in the Likeness on Akagi from Azur Lane!

Ry: Oooooo hekkin pretty kimono skirt combination with Poojaki here, loving their vibe and the look on their eyes <3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Random © Triggerbeast
Poojawa © Poojawa

Artwork by Erika V, October 2021