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COM: Dress'Up'Tober Page 1! by carnival

COM: Dress'Up'Tober Page 1!


Carni: Tis often Ry and I can get easily distracted with all the fun and intriguing topics that come up on and during Art-Streams~

-GOOD THING erryone there helps us keep on track!


Ry: Hehehehahaha I mean they try, it's not their fault that by the time our tangents end they have replied to our talking and we jump back in time to answer them only for each answer to itself spawn another tangent that gives them more time and idea's to question. They are just being friendly and we resonate STRONGLY with that X33333

Carni: -First of the Outfit-inspired Scribbles for Snoodle also!

Ry: Woooooah that is such a perfect magical girl/white mage/star guardian outfit, so perfect for Snoodle just look at how well they rock it ('3

Carni: -First time drawing up Triggerbeast's Red-Panda chikky, Erica, also!

Ry: Wait is that an off screen Jaco-O pose? I think the angle is off but it could be and either way she is adorable ^-^

Carni: ...and I forget how we got to assorted cowbeans .. only that we did.. and there was some fairly deep delving into the logistics of that at the time \XS

Ry: Cowbeans are how we get milk remember, you were there when I went into the breakdown of the various forms of cow beans and how they range in speed of milk production vs the sustainability and reuseability of the individual cowbeans based upon the different types of Cowpod and strain they come from. It was all covered in stream for those who want to know the details X3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

IcecreamNoodle © Viscerabot
Erica © Triggerbeast
Skyline & Cowbeans © Meltoria

Artwork & Carnival by Erika V, October 2021