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COM: Final Tune'Tember Full Page by carnival

COM: Final Tune'Tember Full Page


Carni: Final Ko-fi Coms page for Icy, Blurple and Shrubie!

Soundtrack for Icy was 'Producer Man' - Lyn Lapid

Ry: Ooooo more music based themes these are super fun. We'll have to leave them open throughout the rest of the year so that you can keep getting them ('D

Carni: Blurhples Mae (Albino Highland Cow) and GunSlinger Snek are a TREAT to draw! ( head cannon is that she is (justifiably!) 'still madd at him for what he said/did last time')

Ry: Awwww noes, he done made her mad again, wonder what he did, maybe her got a friend of hers into trouble somehow? He seems nice enough here ('3

Carni: and UTTERLY ADORE ya new Plush Dino-bab Shrubbles!! (333 Too CUTE 5ME!

Ry: Oooooooo my goodness such a cutie soft bean, gotta cuddle them so much with how much they like snuggles and how soft and squishy their body is ('333


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Shnoog © Shrubie
IcyMawpur & Himself © Icy
Blurples Mae & GunSlinger Snake © Blurple

Artwork by Erika V, September 2021