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CROP: Salvation in Darkness by carnival

CROP: Salvation in Darkness


Carni: Was going for something a bit more older-school 'Dark Fantasy Epic' line-art heavy n 'Edgey Comic' style for this one

Sound-tracking for this order included a lot of SymphonyXmusic and a few other epic ballad-ish pieces!

Ry: Definitely badass and heavy adventurer vibes which is always amazing and surprisngly underused when the end products can come out looking like this!!

Also that Doom-BERD behind them tearing the earth apart seems like quite the problem with it's planet smashing tendancies, hopefully we cna alternate timeline the earth back together O.O


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Taiga-Ja the Argonian © Nyte
Dar'Karim the Khajiit © Antarius

Artwork by Erika V, September 2021