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COM: Tune'Tember full Page 4 by carnival

COM: Tune'Tember full Page 4


Carni: Something 'Dark Fantasy Epic' for Nyte (and Ant!) and something bubbly cutie for Harkcancount!

Always a pleasure with ya ES beans Nyte! X33

Ry: Ooooooo heck yeah, greyscale adventurer splashart I didn't expect this at all from you Carni. Your usually colours all the time but it works so well. Could totally be on the cover of a DnD Module or a bounty poster for Taiga-Ja and Dar'Karim

Carni: and GOOOOOOshgosh!! Have seen Hark's Vee character drawn by others around the edges and LOoooevevveeve their DESIGN my GOODNESS~! \83

Thanks for the opportunity to draw ya bab! :DD

Ry: Ahhh here are all the colours, and I can see why Carni wanted to draw Vee so much, such a good expression of a character in their design, and all of the colours to boot ^.^

Carni: (Whole lotta SymphonyXmusic for the former & non-specific chiptune-ish sound tracking for the latter!)


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Taiga-Ja the Argonian © Nyte
Dar'Karim the Khajiit © Antarius
Vee © Harkcancount

Artwork by Erika V, September 2021