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COM: Rhythm of Inspiration by carnival

COM: Rhythm of Inspiration


2 October 2021 at 02:33:05 MDT

Carni: 'Rad & Tasty' Ko-fi Com Orders for Neonshark, Trigger & Felitaur

Ry: Ooooooo holy heck that looks super rad, digitzing Connor into the music. Such a cool idea and you got all this from the musical vibes hella neat ^.^

Ooooo new Triggerbeast form get, Orca powers!!!

And awwwww Felitaur's character looks super adorable, slowly turning into a girl and getting all blushy at that fact ('33333


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Connor © Neonshark
Trigger'Orca © Triggerbeast
Lucas © Felitaur

Artwork by Erika V, September 2021