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YCH: Sweet Apple Dau'gi Fusion by carnival

YCH: Sweet Apple Dau'gi Fusion


20 August 2021 at 08:11:32 MDT

Carni: Final pic for the Fruity/Taur-y YCH Auction host weekend before last for Mal! brain won't let go of thier combined form being 'Apple Pie' filled if Candy-Gore-a-fied??

\X3 tasty as hull!!

Ry: Ohhhh my god and that idea inspired tonights Apple Pie'ening and I am SO HAPPY for that. Tastbuds will be pleased by the apple pie science that Carni is performing in honour of this delicious looking fusion!!

And my gosh they look cool. The Dauz hints of blue and purple on Taurgi's base form work really nicely and the horns+ hair are excellent additions ('333


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Characters ©

Dauz © Malorek

Artwork & Taurgi by Erika V, August 2021