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COM: Stickers n Sharks n COOL COLOUR PALETTES! by carnival

COM: Stickers n Sharks n COOL COLOUR PALETTES!


Carni: Shark-i-fi-cation for Fretbuzzard , some stickers for Faust, and a small 'the colour palette was cool' Easter-derg inspired from the users in chat at one stage during Streaming! ^_^

Ry: Such great stickers and oooo myself shark for DD O.O

That rainbow dragon looks hella exciteable XD

Carni: Am too spoiled entirely with the -best- clients in the world to work with (3

Thanks again and ALWAYS to you all!!

Ry: Right you are all so lovely and awesome so often having amazing and fun idea's and fantastic characters thank you all for commission Carni ^.^

Carni: ....also crotch-fins X3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

DD © Fretbuzzard
Faust © Faust

Artwork & Palette Dragon by Erika V, July 2021