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COM: Pink n Purple Party Time! by carnival

COM: Pink n Purple Party Time!


8 August 2021 at 03:12:32 MDT

Carni: Definately think I over'clocked mthe pink-priviliges with this page for Spy, HottSpinner, Grnv & Snoodle!

though goodness and GOSH I Utterly ADORE all these characters design SO HECKIN' much~~! (S

Ry: Riiight, look at all of them, from the sultry pink Icecream Noodle in the bottom right, Greenver's pinkified Gryphon in the toip right, and Spy's hekking fruit bat to contrast HottSpinner's eggplant friend. So colourful and nice ('3

Carni: Thanks again for buying over the A'rawr weekend everyone!! (and what a heckin' party that was too!)

Ry: Awwww yeah and it was quite a weekend my gosh. Even I got to turn up a few times for fun and conversations in chat which was lovely.


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Fruitbat © Untitledspy
Buttons © HottSpinner
Breezy © Greenver420
Icecream Noodle © Snoodle

Artwork by Erika V, July 2021