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COM: Shape Shiftin' Character Snuggin' SUPREME! by carnival

COM: Shape Shiftin' Character Snuggin' SUPREME!


Carni: Gooooodv Bathc o' Scribble Orders for VisceraBot, Mewfanatic, UntitledSpy, Meltoria and Prawojazdy !

SO KIND of Prawo' to Sponsor Carni for some Taur-i-ficational attention! (Thanks again so much!!)

Ry: Nyeeeerm manCarni is always a welcome visitior, and heck yeah for taur addition, thank you prawo ('3

Carni: Snoodle back wid' tha OLD free stylin' adding yet more POWER to their Telegram Sticker-Pack!

Ry: Oooooo yes that is a good amount of tail cuddles ^-^

Carni: Mewf' back again with some fruity sweetness for Spy!!

Ry: Holy goodness they are so gosh darn adorable, that big sweet slobery tongue of feral fruit bat and shortcake is such a cuite just look at her adorable face gahhhhhh. You've done that one perfectly ^.=.^

Carni: and aaaAAAAAAAAAAH OMfhfgfGGGHH~!
'Pink Paddlepop-swirled Genie'cubus Skyline' came out?? \83c

ALLL of the yes for smoke-shifting, wish (& Kink?) granting! \X333

Utterly Beautiful and tasty to boot!! ('D~~


Ry: Hmmmmmmmmm YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS SO MUC YES at pretty pink Paddplepop genie succubus Skyline, all of that is amazing and pretty and nice and cheeky and gaaaaaaaahhhhhyessssssssssss totally want to actually be that. Grant some wish's for the lovely people I meet, see what their desires truly are until someone is polite enough to wish me free ('33


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Icecream Noodle © VisceraBot
Shortcake © Mewfanatic
Feral Fruit Bat © UntitledSpy
PaddlePop Genie Succubus Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork, Carnival, Sweet & Sour by Erika V, July 2021