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COM: Loopy Scribbles! by carnival

COM: Loopy Scribbles!


27 July 2021 at 08:45:23 MDT

Carni: Fruit-theme 'with a Twist' for DD! X'3
(initially I was joking about this for a pic idea.... but THAT'S HOW INSPIRATION goes, aye??) \XS enjoy your HOOPS SIR!

Ry: Hahaha sexy fruit loops... I have no idea how you even got there to begin with but here we are and it does look extra sassy XP [/color]

Carni: Another Telegram Sticker for Snoodle

Ry: Awwww such adorable headpats my gosh, aren't they such a good Snoodle ('3 [/color]

Carni: Cutey bleps for Erisandroid and their squeeze!

Ry: Blep boops for affections ('333 [/color]

Carni: and some Donkey-fi-cation for Jellydog!!

Ry: Ohh my goodness sneeze tf's are adroable and so tangible in their ahhh-chuutf <3 [/color]


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