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Tele'Stickers: TWRP Pack2! by carnival

Tele'Stickers: TWRP Pack2!


Carni: SECOND ROUND of stickies for <the best BAND OF ALL TIME and SPACE> TWRP!

THANKS -SO UNFATHOMABLY- Malorek for sponsoring this lot this time around!

—Was on my 'to get around to' list for so long, but a final monetary kick in the butt CANNOT be disputed! ❤️ 💕

May have to make some physical Stickers from this lot again too and TOTALLY gonna send you some for ya support guuurl! X333

[Here was a preview of the first pack!]
[Load and use these, and more, on telegram here!]

-Scribble-style Telegram Stickers and packs available through the monthly Scribble-Streams; simple ask for that when booking (and allow about 35-50$ per sticker*)
[see this post for July Dates & more details!]


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Artwork by Erika V, June 2021