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COM: Your Place by carnival

COM: Your Place


[Deeper Shade and Glow version can be found here]

Carni: W.heeew~!

So finally worked off this monster-huge commission for the AMAZINGLY patient Akeashar!

THANKS SO MUCH again for your patience!!

And what a challenge it's been from start to finish!

.. ... think It's the biggest single piece I mighta worked on ever on one order¿?

9 characters, full scene, band instruments draw at A3 Resolution.. yeh probably! \X3

Thanks again Akea! truly stretching the old skills with this, and your characters are an absolute treat to draw up also!

Ry: Wow holy heck though this is huge, there are so many characters with awesome outfits each to their own, unique personalities and expressions to go with them that you can kinda read stories from if you look into the finer details of the scene.

Ok so I won't go into all of them but Leonora in the teal on the dancefloor, is definitely the one who isn't in this for others, they are just there to enjoy the dancing, really getting into the music and is glad to be able to wear what they actually want and enjoy life. And the bartenderAstroid seems so happy and has that quiet confidence behind good bartenders where they have enough experience to talk with anyone and enjoy's listening to others for the story it reveals about them and really likes the clientele of this place... or at least that's my headcannon who kows what they are actually like X3

Honestly the thing that keeps coming to mind for me is the cosyness of it all. It reminds me of the few venue's that I grew attached too due to the many times spent there with friends. It's got your aesthetic, your tastes in music, your kinda people that also like to come there and everything just feels comfy, because it's your place moreso than just a random bar or club.


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Singer: Dorian
Guitar - Riley
Drums - Remi
Behind the Bar - Mystique
Astroid at the bar

Dancing in the crowd:
Calixa dragging Sam onto the dancefloor
Leonora Dancing in teal raver-y gear

and Toru watching on ^_^

Artwork by Erika V, July 2021