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..and a Bonus Round of personals and giftie! by carnival

..and a Bonus Round of personals and giftie!


Carni: Something Ry mentioned about a 'Lilac tinted' Carni got me wanting to get that down (specially a 'holo sheeny' version) 833333

Ry: Mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssyesyesyesyes soooo pretty and shiny Carni ohh my goodness you are beautiful!!!!!! Such a pearlescent lilac pretty lovely amazing everything yes you are my gosh!!!!!

It's so spacey, shiny and wonderful, you are fantastic and draw so well <3 <3 <3

Carni: BLK all dressed up and ready to please~ ('3~~~

Black: It pays to be able to dress up well, especially in the reactions of those who have earnt the view.

Ry: Hihihi, and the fire behind his eyes, tame... until he decides not to be X3 Reminds me so much of the character Lisinthir from the Prince's Game series that we are a reading at the moment (Which is amazing by the way you should all check out M.C.A.Hogarth's work) in his competence mixed with ferocity and carnal passion ^.=.^

Carni: And s'more whale-char scribbles to celebrate Oreo's creation (hmmm, yeh, think I'm settling into Oreo~ 💕)

Ry: Oreo is a solid name for sure, and look how excited they are to meet and interact with Mocha for the first time, humpback and orca friiiiiends!!!!!!!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Black © Meltoria

Artwork, Carnival, Oreo & Mocha by Erika V, June 2021