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COM: Capital Cities Retreat by carnival

COM: Capital Cities Retreat


Carni: The larger part of the bigger order for Nytekingcheetah and antarius ^____^ ♥️

Something relaxed in warmer lighting, of the two in a more traditional garb enjoying downtime between adventuring

Ry: Ahhh, the parts of adventuring that often get overlooked but are probably the most enjoyable for the characters themselves, revelling in the spoils of their victory with each other. And gosh that looks comfy, a relaxed day and night, with all the fruits, cheeses and wine you could want to drink.
And no haste either, this isn't the, drink into a stupor and gorge until you cannot move kinda vibe, it's comfortable, you will drink and eat sure, but there is no need to overindulge since it's not going anywhere, for the brief moment the duties can wait, the nights can be long and the day's even longer. Since where you would you rather be than here, with those you care about <3

Carni: I've actually never played Skyrim myself, but if it's got any amount of anthropomorphism in it (and dragons!) must be pretty good! ^_^

Ry: Hahaharhar obvious bias is obvious but dragons and anthromorphism is super awesome so I can totally dig it (Especially after you add 10 mods specifically to turn the dragons into actually world ending beasties and up the rewards for besting them, then Skyrim is quite good ('3333 )


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Dar'Karim (Khajiit) © Nytekingcheetah
Taiga-Ja (Argonian) © antarius

Artwork by Erika V, June 2021