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COM: Fus-Ro-SKRIBBLE! by carnival



Carni: Second part of a larger order the amazing Nytekingcheetah (and antarius!)

Thanks again for the opportunity, yet again, to draw your delightful babs!!

A pleasure indeed ya'll!

Ry: Woah they got so many tiny scribbs heck yeah.

I bet any Khajiit would love to have stretchy long arms like that when in the greedy mood XP

Awwww tiny hatchling the world still dark with their egg helmet nawwww ('33

Oooo freezy-uKen, that would be so difficult to deal with, spammable projectile that freezes you... so endless in it's spam O.O

Fishing yaaaaay, and the fun part where they've got it on the line too ('D

Woah that is impressive and very much about to fall on them in a rain of daggers, but this moment, this is the moment of most impress ^.=.^

And awww free tiny Khajiit, so small and... abandoned... that swapped my mood real fast when that logic came up XS


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Dar'Karim (Khajiit) © Nytekingcheetah
Taiga-Ja (Argonian) © antarius

Artwork by Erika V, June 2021