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COM: KaiJUNEicorn PRIDE!! by carnival



Carni: ALL (themes) IN ONE!

for Triggerbeast and Mazinja last Scribble Stream! ^________^

Lemon-bikini is something I hope to one day own!

.. .. along with MORE HECKIN' Unicorn Hair!! \X3

Ry: Woah that is an amazing Bikini, bright yellow lemon themes stand out well and so many extra sparklies around her unicorn self they are so pretty and shiny O3O

Carni: ......and did I mention I ADORE all this months theme yet?

Ry: Woooooah hella perspective, they are enormous!! Awww such tiny flattened friends and icecream truck ohh noes, and working with all the thigh and vertical perspective is hard so extra good job there Carni ('3

Also gosh Mazinja's pride hearts look so like, the overall orange palette gives a real jusicyness to their piece that is warm and friendly for the eyes n.n


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Bewbicorn & Orcapi © Triggerbeast
Ghost Lily & Partner © Mazinja

Artwork by Erika V, June 2021