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Com: Let PRIDE MONTH.. BEGIN! by carnival



4 June 2021 at 12:51:28 MDT

Carni: First mini-scribble day for June thus far featuring Emerson , Greenver_420, and a Malorek & Snoodle Fusion-a-rino!

Good golly gosh! the Fusions train just KEEP on a'truckin! and what an adorable mash'up Snoods n Mal make~! ('D
(.. .. . move over Gnoll n Ry~!) hehe!

Ry: SUCH A GLOVE, how darest thee challenge our fusing might!!! Fusions are the BEST!!!!! But this fusion is really rad and honestly more fusions are always welcome so heck yes but still, such gall of you my goodness XP

Carni: Also ADORE Emersions newest Sparkl'Collie Character~!! AHHHH!! DEFS look forward to seeing more of them around the place!! 83

Ry: Ooooo yeah they look super cool, you gotta get more time in the future to show off all of their colours yesyesyes ^-^

Carni: And what a heckin' CUTIE Grrenv' has tucked up ino the top left corner also! ^___^

Ry: Oooo yeah they look neat, I don't believe I know what species they are directly and that's super neat. Hopefully they come back more so we can see them again ^.^

Carni: PERFECT Start to this month already folks!! LUV YA'LL!! 💕

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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Velvet © Greenver_420
Emmerson & Snap © Emerson
Malorek © Malorek
Icecream Noodle © VisceraBot

Artwork by Erika V, June 202