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Com: Tasty Scribble SNAcks A'hoy! by carnival

Com: Tasty Scribble SNAcks A'hoy!


Carni: Mer-versions of Pooj and makorivers for Poojawa!

...all those multi 'sune-tails got me enamoured by an Octo'Pooj ('33

Ry: Ooooooo they look cool, octopi are the best or at least one of the best sea creatures, all those friendly limbs to cuddle and coil with, just like Mako is finding out now X3

and a Heckin Triple-fusion of BookEater/Carni/Hellion for Wolfman74! n myyy goddness! SO FUN to work on! and THE WORLD. IS. NOT. READY for that kinda sASS I don't think! ~!! \X'3

Literally, NOTHING, is safe/sacred! X'DD haha!

Ry: ..... holy heck, maybe Book Eater can at least mitigate some of the Carni Hellion madness with at least the pretence of science/research to direct them but if not... such a compentent fiesty and drippy heart combination the three of you would make...... >.> yay >.> I mean ohh noes XP


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Book Eater, Hellion © Wolfman74
Poojawa © Poojawa
Mako Rivers © makorivers

Artwork & Carnival by Erika V, May 2021