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COM: Falling Once Again by carnival

COM: Falling Once Again


Carni: And last, but most of all!
tanrowolf and Toxi their honourable selves 'falling' yet again for one another ^_^

'The Trip is so easy, when it's with you~'

Ry: Awwww chuuuuuu gosh that is adorable, and isn't it just when someone is so lovely and you both like the way each other work ('3

In working up towards traditional media again (after a zillion years of nothing but digital) I always worry I am going to 'mess it up irreparably' or that something will go wrong
.. ..
And am elated when the results come out ok (S

Ry: Woooooo, they definintely came out more than ok. So much flowing hair and clothing all bundled up in a loving embrace. And those gradients on traditional media, that surely is difficult from what little experience I've had with drawing so excellent work there ^.^

Even inspired to do more of this perhaps in the coming months?

Ry: Your love for traditional still runs deep and true it seems XD

.. ..hmm!
Mebbe even some WC YCHs down then track¿?
(this something folks might be interested in?)


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*Drawn up in CSP

Kaito © tanrowolf
Toxi © Toxi

Artwork by Erika V, April 2021

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