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WRATH of the CASPIAN SEA by carnival



@ CaspianZebatian aka lockiezebra
@ DestTheWolf aka D35TR0Y3R1
@ Captain Pooj aka Poojawa
@ Devalynn aka lyndane

Thanks again for the CRAZY-SCIENCE-ride! X'3

And again for indulging the silly machinations of my brain & Enjoy this dumb-idea paid up to FAR more epic proportions! ❤️

This /was/ only going to be a quick silly smol think of a boop-Cartoon-Carni in a paper-folded boat with a paper-folded captains hat on a puddle made of Caspians' colours initially

but then.
The other day my brain got all too excited around the concept quietly, then roped 3 more other souls into the maddnss

and now it's way better! \XD

What essentially I had single smol idea for one person... then Dest showed interest and got rolled in, Pooj dared to look to close and was enveloped, the Devalynn just happen to char the same cosmic carp-ark and B00M

In the void of the internets racing 1s and 0s forest, a Money-canon fired so hard, no one heard it for the time it took Dev to direct my trembling gaze to Ko-fi

and it was already too late

The scene.
It Demanded.

Ry: SEABRAS!!!!!!! The striped dangers of the sea. Which now that I think on it are a surprisingly good fir for a sea based analogy. Pretty, people like them, but they are super dangerous if you get to close X3

and my goodness what a story in this pieces creation. The steady tumbling roll of excitement as it gathered up all of these lovely souls into one crazy speed boulder of artwork.

And it's super cool, like I am all for tiny stick figure Carni on the Caspian Sea but we've gotten to hella Brigantine levels of the Four Paw's crew vessel and Caspian seems to have taken quite an insult to their unsolicited presence upon their waters.

Thank you all for being so awesome and fun and willing to jump blindly into the unknown that was Carni's mystery idea. Hopefully we get to see more of these silly idea's blossom since this is super fun ^.^

Carni: ~ S C I E N C E ~

[And here's the two stark variations plus a fade-between version included]


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Lockie Zebra © lockiezebra
Dest © D35TR0Y3R1
Poojawa © Poojawa
Devalynn © lyndane

Artwork by Erika V, Mar 2021