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COM: MCF Scribbly Day 3 Page 3 by carnival

COM: MCF Scribbly Day 3 Page 3


2 March 2021 at 01:59:54 MST

Carni: Have another of the Chinese Zodiac Hybrids for rickyking; a Monkey/Dog this time around

Ry: Ohh my goodness they look awesome holy heck. I am totally not normally a fan of monkey based characters but the shoulder, elbow, cheeky and oither tufties really make them feel nicer and that face shape is much better than most other monkey's as far as my tastes are concerned!!

Carni: My head-canon for them is despite having a heck of a lot of red hair and fur, they are in fact water-aspected. (.....and they have a heckin' loooonk tail randomly :3 or the ability to length-shift that potentially!)

Ry: Oooo mean, that will catch many off-guard challengers with their red aspected water abilites then. And oooo potentially lengthening tail neat, if they can indeed change it, I wonder if there is any limit to it's size? Maybe it's connected to how much water they are interacting/connecting with so the bigger the stream/body of water is the longer their tail can be? That'd be cool ('3

Carni: Chubbiepaws's sassy af Lion'cubus char Brian!

Ry: Lion-cubus you say, does that mean they are half succu/incubus because heck yeah for that hybrid in all things ('3

Carni: and Tanrowolf's Freya doing some tracking or soil-checking ^_^

Ry: Honestly a super important job that does not nearly get the prise it deserves, how else are we going to know if the land is healthy or not and how to help ^.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Monkey/Dog Hybrid © rickyking
Brian © Chubbiepaws
Freya © Tanrowolf

Artwork by Erika V, Feb 2021