COM: PINK DAY Scribblies Page 1 by carnival by carnival

COM: PINK DAY Scribblies Page 1 by carnival


16 February 2021 at 11:58:12 MST

Carni: Second Event Stream! VALENTINES PINK DAY! ^_^

...AND recieved the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE of drawing up Shrubbies slime-char, Gum! ❤️ ❤️



Ry: They are so cool and goopy and sticky and I adore them requiring armour to keep an actual humanoid form beyond a goo pile that is such a neat idea yes yes yes yes yes ^-^

Carni: Also have 'Lachy' the Dalmatian/Zeeb back being all manners of the CUTE for heckin' hearts hour |3

Ry: Awwww yes more of their new amazing hybrid, I hope they keep getting art with them it is such a great design!! Also awwwww what a cute offer ('3

Carni: Teeny Slime'Bold space-filing for you too Ry! X'» be OMGLOB. THAT CARD. YOU MADE. FOR ME. HHHRGHRghrgrhrrnGHHHHH ❤️ SO DANG SWEET OMG!!

So deeply appreciate you two m'dear~! ('333 goodness!

Ry: Rrrrrrrrrrrrr ohh my goodness they are so wudgey and I didn't even realise they could totally do that with their head shape, it's so adorable and cute my goodness and you are so welcome for the card, I meant every word and you are super lovely <3 <3 <3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Artwork by Erika V, Feb 2021

Gum © Shrubie
Lachy © LockieZebra
Slimebold © Meltoria