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COM: PAN-uary Scribbles Page 3 by carnival

COM: PAN-uary Scribbles Page 3


Carni: XendrianMaranmore Bringing the BEEF this page!

Ry: Oooooo so swol and they have they neat cicle glasses. They remind me of Hellsing for some reason, which is a nice vibe/aethetic to pair with their BEEF

Carni: lockiezebra in full support of the events charities focus (supporting Indigenous Australian groups!)

Ry: For more details on the events charities head to the description here

Carni: What they lack in stripes, they make up for in love!

Ry: And we all know it's not the stripes on the outside that count, it's the stripes of niceness on the inside that do ^,.,^

Carni: and Noodle' once again getting some birthday spoilings with a gift from Kaiju!! ❤️

Ry: Awwwww how lovely, moar birthday presents!! And gosh they look so adorable as their long snake like tail encompasses everything besides their cute paws and face ('3333


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Launa © XendrianMaranmore
Lockie Zebra © lockiezebra
Icecream Noodle © Viscerabot

Carnival & Artwork by Erika V, Jan 2021